Pre-Need or Pre-Arranged Funeral Contracts

Members of the UNITED HEBREW COMMUNITY OF NEW YORK do not , nor had they ever, received a complete funeral for free. Although our burial benefits greatly reduce the cost of a funeral there are still other expenses. Families are obligated to pay for the use of chapel facilities and the professional services of a licensed funeral director. Families are also obligated to pay for Cash Advances such as the cemetery fees for opening the grave. Most people are not prepared to deal with both the tragic loss of a loved one as well as the obligation to make very serious decisions during this time of stress.

We hope that our members and their families understand that they can speak to us prior to a loss regarding their concerns. Of course, our staff is sensitive to the fact that each situation is different and we are prepared to extend any amount of time to our members and their family. We know that we may very well be the only ones that they can comfortably contact as well as their only source of information.

Many times, to alleviate some of the problems, we encourage a pre-need funeral contract with any one of our official participating licensed funeral directors. This is a simple solution to what seems to be the four major concerns.

1. Many members worry about the responsibilities that others will have when they are forced by circumstances to make difficult and emotional decisions.

2. Some members do not want others to be burdened with the payments of the additional funeral expenses.

3. Members might think or know that they will some day be entering a senior health facility. The cost of residing in such a facility can be very prohibitive and expensive and ultimately most people run out of funds. Of course Medicaid will begin to pay the medical bills when all their funds are exhausted. This leaves their family or friends after the money is gone with the responsibility or obligation to pay for the funeral from their own personal funds.

4. Some of our members do not have anyone who will be there for them when a funeral must be arranged and they worry that they could be abandoned.

However, if there is a pre-need funeral contract the decisions can be made without duress and pressure. The family will not worry about having the money available to pay for the funeral on the same day. Any money already paid for pre-need funeral expenses as well as a monument or paying for the care of a grave can never be taken away to be used for any other obligations. Medicaid will, after personal funds are exhausted, pay the medical and facility bills and never use the money spent on the pre-need contracts. Any reasonable amount contracted for a pre-need funeral is accepted by Federal Law as restricted funds. All the money paid for the pre-need contract with a UNITED HEBREW COMMUNITY OF NEW YORK participating funeral director is FDIC insured. It is guaranteed to be there when needed.

A pre-need contract can assure that financial needs are met, that personal wishes will be honored, and that a Jewish burial will take place. Given the comfort and security they provide, Pre-need Contracts are not a luxury.

Prior to making a Pre-Need Funeral Contract we suggest that you either CALL, E-MAIL, WRITE OR FAX OUR OFFICE TO FIND AN OFFICIAL LICENSED FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND CHAPEL.

After a Pre-need funeral is contracted it is no less important for our members to educate their family to call us should they have questions.

Above all else, we encourage our members to instruct family or any party who would be responsible for arrangements when, unfortunately, a death occurs, to call us FIRST. Our emergency telephones are answered 24 hours a day, every day of the year.