Do any of these 18 facts sound familiar to you or

your family



1. A society that has refused your application for membership because of your age or state of health !


2. An organization, synagogue or group in your old neighborhood that continues to charge high yearly dues even though you only need their cemetery grounds and burial benefits if they still give them !


3. A society that has dissolved and left you and your family without economical funeral protection !


4. A society secretary that is not available when there is

      a question, or worse, at the time of an emergency !


5. A family club that only provides a grave and you must pay top price for the funeral home arrangements !


6. A group that no longer has graves available where you want them and then restricts you and your family from the cemetery of your choice !


7. A group that unfortunately has aging or no leadership, a group without interested young members who will guarantee that someone will be there 24 hours a day when you need them !


8. A society that can only give your family a very small cash allowance !


9. Advocates that promote and encourage fancy or high priced funerals without any regard for your ability to pay !


10. You are encouraged or forced to call an expensive chapel chosen by others without any consideration for the cost of the funeral !


11. No one gives you information about the actual funeral prices while advising you to use a particular chapel and after completing all the plans and asked to sign a contract you finally realize what it will cost !


12. You have nothing other than a grave reserved leaving you with no protection against spending more than you should or more than your family can afford for the rest of the funeral expenses !


13. You are led to believe that a friend or a relative who may have arranged a few funerals in the past is an expert able to advise or make decisions for you !


14. You were promised a grave and have no papers to prove you're really entitled to its use or where it is specifically located !


15. You were given a letter or an official looking document for rights or ownership of a grave from a group or anyone other than a cemetery and have no verification or proof of its validity !


16. You know that neither you or your family has any idea what to expect when a funeral must be arranged !


17. You fear discussing or even thinking about funeral arrangements for yourself or members of your family !

18. You don't know of a professional consumer advocate organization that effectively assists many hundreds of families arrange a funeral each year, helping them with patience and compassion !

The only solution

to these problems and

many more

when it comes to

your protection

and peace of mind

is the
United Hebrew Community of N.Y.



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