Community Fund

The UNITED HEBREW COMMUNITY OF NEW YORK has, since 1901, a special charity fund that has distributed enormous sums to many other worthy Jewish charities. This fund is named the Community Fund. No portion or percentage of the contributions collected are used to pay for fund raising expenses. Throughout the years the Community Fund has offered everyone an opportunity to contribute anonymously to any other charity. This is accomplished by one requesting that their donation be directed to the charity of their choice without disclosing the source of the funds. Many of our members and friends have also contributed to the Community Fund for Kadish, Yartzeit, Yizkor and general donations while leaving the distribution decision to our Fund Committee.

Others have preferred to endow or name the UNITED HEBREW COMMUNITY OF NEW YORK in a Last Will and Testament. The monies are then used for two purposes.

1. To assist poor families who are in desperate need of a grave at the time of a funeral as well as helping to pay to alleviate some of the funeral expenses.

2. To help defray the cost of operating our free synagogue open to the entire public. This may be the only synagogue in New York that makes no appeals, makes no other financial demands on congregants or visitors and will never charge for holiday seating.

All contributions are entirely tax deductible and the appropriate documentation for every donation is immediately provided.